(Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shining Star CLE 2022’s Finals format is still in discussion, but ideally, it will be done as a hybrid, both LIVE & VIRTUALLY.)

  1. Is there a cost to audition?
    • NO! It is free to enter.
  2. What should I sing in my audition video?
    • Any song from any music genre that you love and that truly showcases who you are! It needs to have meaning you can articulate.
    • This song will likely stay with you as your performance piece throughout your Shining Star CLE 2022 journey (subject to the sole discretion of the artistic director), so choose wisely!
    • Singing a cappella or with your own instrumental accompaniment are preferred, but recorded accompaniment is allowed.
    • Song submission should not exceed THREE (3) minutes max.
  3. I live in Ashland County, can I participate?
    • Unfortunately, no. The TEN eligible counties are Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit and Wayne.
  4. I watched the recap video of last year’s show online and didn’t see anyone performing songs I like to sing, what should I do? 
    • Sing what you’re comfortable singing! Any genre of music is welcome. Just because we didn’t have a finalist in your genre, doesn’t mean you can’t be the first. You can choose rap, rock, soul, R&B, musical theater, opera, etc.
  5. What if I want to audition, but don’t have a cell phone?
  6. I want to audition, but I don’t have transportation to the live audition rounds should I qualify, am I disqualified? 
    • Please contact our team directly and we will assist with the accommodations (216-839-6611, Don’t let lack of transportation to be a deterrent.
  7. When will I find out if I advance to the live audition round?
    • Online auditions go from April 1-June 30. Once auditions are closed, the judges will review the submissions and within days will send email results.
  8. I am starting community college in the fall, can I audition?
    • No. The competition is for high school students at the TIME of The Finals Performance & Competition. So 8th graders who will be Freshman in the fall, can audition, as well as present 9th, 10th and 11th graders.
  9. If I won a scholarship, do I qualify to audition again the next year?
    • Yes and No. If you are a junior and younger and won less than the $10,000 prize, then YES! And we strongly encourage that you do. If you are a senior, then no, because you have “aged out” and will not be a high school student the following year. If you won the $10,000 prize, then no, but we sure hope you continue pursuing music!
  10. Do I have to hire a vocal coach or use a music studio to record my audition?
    • ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you can sing, you can audition. We don’t care if you set up your own phone to record in the bathroom (the sound is best in there) or in your bedroom, or even in a quiet backyard, so long as you make sure we can hear and see you putting your best foot (and voice) forward!
  11. Is there a charge for parking at the live audition and semi final rounds?
    • No! Menorah Park has ample free parking right in front!
  12. Do I need to come with a parent to the live audition?
    • No. However, if you are under 18, we ask that your guardian sign the two agreement forms that are found online.
  13. Do I need to come with a parent to the Semi Finals?
    • No. However, the last hour of each session, we will have a “Parent Orientation”, to explain the process, who and what we are, and what to expect if you are to advance to The Finals.
  14. What if I am not in a formal music program (my school doesn’t have an arts program), but I love to sing, can I still audition?
    • ABSOLUTELY! Please do! We can’t wait to hear your natural talent.
  15. My mom lives in Cuyahoga and my dad lives in Ashland, can I participate?
    • It depends in which county you attend high school, if Cuyahoga, then yes, if Ashland, then unfortunately, no.
  16. Is there somewhere for my ride to wait while I am auditioning?
    • Yes. We will have a “waiting room” set up, for chaperones and contestants to sit and relax, have a snack and wait.
  17. I am home schooled, can I audition?
    • Yes. Home schooled students who live in the eligible ten counties can audition. If you should win the $10,000 scholarship, the public high school music department of your city will receive the $2,500 bonus prize.
  18. Can my audition be of me signing a solo from my high school choir concert?
    • Yes, although it’s preferred that it be performed a cappella, with personal instrument usage or with piano accompaniment only and is 3 minutes maximum.
  19. If I have a conflict with the live audition dates, can I audition on a different date or via SKYPE?
    • Unfortunately, no. Due to the number of students submitting auditions, we can’t accommodate one without accommodating all. So please make sure to keep the live audition and semi-finals dates available.
  20. If I was a semi-finalist last year, do I have to audition again this year to move forward to the live audition round?
    • Yes. Although you automatically make it to the live audition round, you still have to submit a video in the same format and manner as everyone else.
  21. Is the live audition round first-come first-serve or is it by appointment?
    • It is by appointment. After you receive your email stating you will be moving forward, you will be given a date and time slot for your live audition. You will be asked to arrive 30-minutes prior to your scheduled audition.
  22. What if I cannot make my assigned live audition time slot?
    • Please let us know ASAP, and, although we can’t promise anything, we will try to fit you in at another time that day or on another scheduled audition day.
  23. If I make it to The Finals, will my family receive tickets?
    • YES! Each finalist and the two alternates receive FOUR patron tickets that will get them access to the pre-performance VIP Reception and to the 7pm show in the Mimi Ohio Theatre.